About Me

Some psychologists claim ones’ most formative years occur between three and six years old.  If this theory holds up, I fully blame my sister for my addiction to artsy fartsy photography.

In 1992, I was deep into my dress-up stage when my sister came home from college with a photo assignment. I fancied face paint and costumes, and she needed a model with a few hours of free time. We were a match made in creative heaven.

She pulled a deep red lipstick out of her collection, drew a massive clown-like smile on my face and  plopped a bowler hat on my head.  Then she set me free to pose for the camera.  The resulting black and white print amazed my little kindergarten eyes.  My mom hung the portrait on her bedroom wall, and even at six years old, I knew she’d captured me perfectly – a whimsical soul built on a pensive foundation. From then on, a camera was the coolest toy on the block.  It gave people the ability to not only “see” the truth but share it – and that’s a super power I could get behind.

Today, I live in Boston, and I work as a copywriter.  When I’m not crafting clever headlines behind a desk, I’m capturing fleeting moments behind a camera. The photos on this page that aren’t clearly from the early 90s are all shot on a Canon Rebel XSi with an EF-S 18-55mm IS Lens.  I don’t have any formal training in photography, so the images aren’t perfect — but they are an accurate reflection of what I love most in life: People, dogs, the outdoors, textures, light and attention to detail.  The smallest shapes, quickest moments and tiniest dots of color fascinate me the most, because they are so often lost in the barrage of daily life.  I love to zoom in and stop time, if even for just a frame, to remind myself of the impeccably intricate and incredibly gorgeous world we inhabit.  I hope that, by flipping through my photos, you’ll get a chance to feel that as well.

I love meeting new people, so shoot me a line at erinarbaugh@gmail.com, and let’s chat.