An Unconventional Christmas

Cutting down a christmas tree conjures images of snow-filled fields, homespun mittens, hot cocoa and a strong man with an axe to chop the holiday cheer out of the ground and drag it into your home.

All those prerequisites went out the window with the air conditioning this weekend.  My family picked out a tree in unseasonable 62 degree heat – and my petite sister sawed down the perfect douglas fir like a true mountain woman.  Sticky with sap and dripping with sweat, we tied the tree to the roof and headed to the farm’s Christmas village to soak in the spirit with iced cider and melting chocolate chip cookies.

It was a beautiful, picture imperfect afternoon…and I loved every minute.

Days like this remind me that we can’t control soo much.  The world is hellbent on wreaking havoc on traditions and plans.   Despite all this, we can carry on – with laughter, family and friends.

Enjoy the photos from our very merry tree hunt!


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