She had me at “woof”

I went to Boston this weekend to visit my boyfriend.  I happened to fall in love with someone else while I was there.  Her name is Taylor, and she is 49 (in dog years).  Scott doesn’t seem to mind just yet that I am drooling over a cougar nearly twice my age.  However, he did protest when I got down on the floor and used her as a pillow.  Apparently that was deemed inappropriate behavior for a Sunday afternoon barbeque.  Look, love makes you do silly things.

Here she is.  Swoon.

And here is Scott…with his parents’ dog, Riley.   Riley weighs in at roughly 1/6th of Taylor’s paw, but exudes six times Taylor’s energy level.  It all comes out in the wash.

And, one more of Scott…at Castle Island on Friday.  So he won’t feel that Taylor has taken his spot in my spasmatic heart.


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