Buffalo Bill(s)

I’d heard of Elvis impersonators.  Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes. Even moonwalking toddlers.  None of this surprises me.  But a gaggle of men channeling Buffalo Bill blew my mind.

My friends and I are adept at sniffing out some pretty bizarre adventures.  Last year, we wandered off the highway just outside Denver for a bathroom break.  Within ten minutes, we stumbled upon the the Buffalo Bill Museum and Ole’ Bill’s 164th birthday.  He’s still kickin’…times SEVEN (impersonators, that is).

The museum sits atop a gorgeous vista in Golden, Colorado.  Unbeknownst to us, it’s a hot spot in town, and the biggest event of the year is, of course, Bill’s birthday.  Local news media turned up, costumes abound and Bill blew out the candles on his cake…complete with printed bison photos on the icing.

Toward the end of the ceremony, all of Golden’s famed BB wannabes took the floor to decide who would be Mr. Bill 2010.  This event was, by far, the most odd encounter of the year, and it produced one of my funniest photos.

In case you were wondering, scowling Mr. Magoo did not win the grand prize.  His lackluster mustache precluded him from taking the title as the Wild West’s Best.


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