A splash of color

Often times, when I take a photo, it’s just the foundation of a larger image I see in my head.  When I get back to my computer, I tinker with highlight, color, contrast and exposure to reach the final product.  I can play for hours before I settle and save.  Here are a few pieces of my “art”.  These all revolve around my love of water, and I played with the concept of traditional black and white photography.


3 thoughts on “A splash of color

  1. Oh, is that the end of the walk to lighthouse in Charlevoix??? Yeah for yellow bathing caps and red “leisure wear” Another group of bonne photos…


    • Charlevoix, Michigan. Right on the lighthouse pier as Lake Michigan flows to Lake Charlevoix through the channel. There was a huge storm that day and the waves were massive. See! Midwesterners have waves too!

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