They have volcanoes in the Midwest?

This past weekend, my friend Dave and I took a road trip to Wisconsin.  I had heard about these mysterious ice volcanoes along the lake in Milwaukee, and he had a craving for lunch at the Weary Traveler in Madison.  So, we packed up at 7 AM and hit the highway for a day of adventure.  Twelve hours and 300 miles later, we returned home a touch hoarse from life altering radio sing alongs.  No musical genre went unturned…and Queen made an auditory appearance no fewer than six times. This could go down as one of the most fun, spur-of-the-moment trips this year.  Of course, I always welcome the chance to knock it into second place!  Below are the resulting photos from our Wisconsin romp.

I started the trip with a little self-portrait in the car mirror.  PSYCHED!


Dave was lookin’ fly…he may become the first Jewish country singer.  It’s possible!


And then we arrived on another planet.  The volcanoes are formed from waves on the lake pushing ice into mounds. There are holes in the middle of each mound, and when it’s warm enough and waves go under them, water shoots out the top!

Dave and I also climbed a giant tower to catch a view of the entire lake front.  The Music Man whistled a tune and sent it into the world for all to enjoy.

Even the sunset on the way home was gorgeous.  A little blurry, because we were moving fast, but it gives the photo a nice swirling feeling which reflects the whirlwind day we had.


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