From the Archive of my Work Computer!

I just started a freelance gig for a production company I haven’t worked with since July.  They gifted me with a restored hard drive on the laptop I handed over when my project ended.  Amidst the clutter of things I left on the desktop from the last project, there were some old photos of mine I’d completely forgotten!  What a fun surprise.  They are posted below.

I snapped this from a bus window on the way home from work in June.  I loved the way rain drops looked larger than life and smeared the street lights like water colors.

This is my favorite passtime in Chicago during the summer:  Horizontal in Oz Park with a book and a view of the Hancock Building.  My pedicure could use some work, but the colors are soo bright.

In July, my crew and I filmed recreations for a documentary that required smoke machines, fire, and massive boulders.  I happened to catch our SFX guy in action.


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